I have lived with the dyslexic barrier for over two decades. Imagine trying to defy gravity. Reading is easier than writing for my involvement with dyslexia. When writing, it is sometime like popcorn ink that does not want to stay on the page. Another way to think of it as words runway before they find their way to the keyboard. So sometimes writing is written like broken English.

Dyslexia is great in that it adds depth to everything I hear and read. I run 6 base observation almost always. This is also distracting when untethered. Ideal in team environments. For I getting it all. My nieces hate it cause I almost never miss a thing going on. The best part is my imaginations is so rich. I am submersed in the inspiration as if under influence of substance.

The Star Watcher World stories are asking to come out. The voices of the inhabitants want life. To live outside of my mind. Good news, embracing the aspiring writer,I am not willing to sit in the silence and reluctance anymore.

Life is as easy as long as you let your emotion, expectation and diet stay in check.

  1. To Live
    Find a positive stress release you can do daily. Maybe you like running.  Watching comedies before you go to bed. Maybe you’re a person who uses meditation. Embrace what work and make it a routine.

    Eat food that always makes you feel energized and ready. Sugar sends me spinning. Dairy makes me feel weighted. Bread always puts me in a fog. Know your food and understand what feel right for you.

    Remember through tenacity we can get through anything. Understand your personal mental query on random thoughts. Remind yourself art of expectation is the key to control anger and anxiety. When ID and ego are up to their confuse. Remind yourself of tenacity!

  2. To Read
    When you are clear-headed and your level of emotion is balance this can happen. Just consider it just get through the one page. Then work just one at a time tell you get to the end. It was amazing at 21 years of age I read a 608 page book for fun.  Just do it and enjoy it.

    Find a form of written word you can enjoy. As a child for me it was comic books. Poetry as a college student. Technical reference books as an adult(weird , right).  Do it for 20 to 30 min, say a lunch time or at your breaks at the J.O.B.

  3. To Write
    This is a process I am still discovering. But here is the best I can give on the subject. Have at least one cheerleader in your life. The role can filled by you and it is easier when it’s someone external.

    Ideas, get them out any way you can.  I talk to my answer machine 5 to 8 times a day to dump ideas. I write in my bad handwriting in any number of spiral books. I type paragraphs of miss spell nonsense.  I am always hoping the computer will discover something close to English to help me express them. Tools within your budget to compile those words.

    At one point in my life I had this awesome Franklin Electronic Publishers device that could spell anything I asked it to. I would rewrite in my subject notebook and organize my thoughts. Now I find writing works well in word processor and 3rd party tools; Grammar Analyzer, Ginger Software add-on, Google Doc, Wikipedia, and jazz music. Rewrite, rinse, repeat and rewrite again.

    I find that if I have my important stuff needs to be read aloud to me. (Software voice readers). Double print a double space copy and sit down. Read it backwards, one sentences at time out of contexts and ink in your changes. I can adjust and rewrite again tell it seems right. Park it and rest and come back refreshed.

    The quickest I can write 3000 word count and self audit is five days. This requires that it the first thing when I am fresh and getting started in my day activity. I edit and repeat again and again. I read aloud to myself and have the programs do it too. Then it’s time for my cheerleader to fulfil their role. They then need to read it to me and give feedback.


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