To understand

I wish I could explain to people. What it’s like to have something to say. The beautiful words that are so those get entangled in your own ethereal joy. As the words find a way, be it written through the ink or through the dance of typing, a further embarrassment my inability to communicate.
For some of the simple is being illiterate. This is something to be corrected by obtaining education. But imagine your intelligent every time you take a letter be read or written. It just times away. Dictation is an option that is met with challenges and requiring isolation. The technology may offer a way to vocalize to be visualized the glory of words. What do you do you?So I stay away from the keyboard and often never pick up by spiral notebook. Why should I bother. When I go to read it I don’t understand what I said. The flow becomes inhibited by the state of depression the voice of the little hater. Inspired by the imagination is resonated the emotion of others. Sensing the joy voices and their lives to play everyday in my head.
The arguments begin one side taking the position of just do it. The other defending the deflating value of the messages. Each of them stringing on continuing arguments and not really winning or losing. This the event is just painful. So my apologies if I search for the can, and can do.
This was the vision of this particular blog. To display the present can do and the why we should do. The dyslexic or dimensional thinker need to overcome the learning different. To find partners in their lives. So for the rest of the world may experience their brilliance and personal joy. For we the life upon this earth need to embrace and love the unique expression that is us.


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