Dyslexic Challenge

(This post has not been edited to help people to understand the challenge of a dyslexic. You should know that these words were spelled wrong and auto corrected.)

When someone is blind it easy for everyone to understand what it i that they might need as help. They can begin to define the tool need to help a sightly person address the abstitcals (I mean obstacles) within that one individuals world.

How do you explain dyslexia and how someone you know has dyslexic advantage. It is alway confused me when it was explained that letter were backwards. I not one had seen letter or word backwards. I could read as well upside down as I could sideways and right ways. Thing would break down in how I explain back instruction or access simple information. Completed stuff was alway easiest for me. If I could touch it and interact with it. I master it.  This lead to abstract became easier to understand than the common pre define linear material.

Once I was older I understood why I had issue with linear instruction. I would juggle to processes that were explained. I would often see a new way to get the same task done.  In the beginning it was just a new way and often not any better. As I was distracted further I would find I was see fast or clean process for getting the same result. Other time I would see a conflict outside of the subject mater. That people involved would not see their partner emotional or logical need to the process.  That long-term result of action to give the short-term gain would have this long-term cultural and market deflating result.  But be quite kid and just do as I say.

There are positive action today that allow for results dyslexic need to find success within all avenues. One great outcome is the MRI’s that are being documented about the mapping of dyslexic mind. Success by other before us  is path away for mentors digitally or inspirational.  There are small set of us who need to be open to coach and releasing our ownership on areas we have to delegating.


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