3 tips for writing watertight fantasy, science fiction and time travel stories | Nail Your Novel

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An advantage my dyslexia has given me is the story is bigger than me. So big that outline covers over 1000 years, 19 books and suggested 2 to 7.7 million words before adventures is over. I am open to guidance and ideas from any writer. Thankful problem solving is an everyday event for a dimensional thinker.

The logic of the world; The narrator is an alien who lives the moment to moment as an absented to linear time. He would have to follow one of us to live a lifelike us. There is magic, teleportation, projected through time, telekinesis, time manipulations, telepathy, paranormal and science. So why does it come together. Why does it work. The rules I will need to follow form world.

How does the magic work? This follows the character belief and thoughts define how the rules defined. It is their will on the world and that person’s raw belief affect how the magic works. This magic can shape its self in the form of telepathy, telekinesis and teleportation. Expressed as just a will or as lyrical incantation.

I had to outline all the events and build a timeline and find a way to allow the alien to interact and stay turn to his character.  In all this it the language of the story that is affecting the outcome. Some days it’s easy to overcome the wall that affects the writing rooted in dyslexia.  It’s helpful to know the common road block. To have a checklist to confirm those errors now avoided.


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